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Labels & Labeling entrevista a Jordi Quera, vicepresidente de Zonten Europe

Labels and Labeling ha publicado en su última edición la entrevista realizada a Jordi Quera, vicepresidente de Zonten.

En la entrevista Jordi explica cómo tras un 2020 de éxito donde la marca Zonten ha recibido una gran acogida en Europa y LATAM, sigue forjando un nicho importante dentro del mercado de fabricación de etiquetas.

Jordi explica cómo se ha mejorado el producto y como se ha preparado para el mercado europeo y destaca el servicio técnico de alto nivel con el que cuenta Zonten.

‘We saw there was a niche in the market for semi-rotary offset technology, which can compete with digital for short runs because of its quality, flexibility and fast changeovers,’ says Quera. A tour of press manufacturers in Asia led them to Zonten, which has more than 15,000 installations of its equipment worldwide, including 500 of its semi-rotary offset press.

Zonten Europe, an independent company rather than a subsidiary, now has exclusive rights to the Zonten’s semi-rotary offset press in Europe and Latin America. ‘We have improved the product and made it more competitive for the European market,’ explains Quera. ‘The version of the machine available through Zonten Europe is more advanced – featuring, for example, hot stamping, screen printing and semi-rotary die-cutting. The press is more complete. And, crucially, we offer high-level technical support.’ 

Si quieres leer la entrevista completa accede desde aquí.

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