Multiprint ZTJ: All the benefits of semi-rotary offset

Zonten nueva multiprint

Semi-rotary offset is a hybrid printing process that combines the advantages of offset and flexography.

Some of the most outstanding advantages of this printing system are:

  • Its high quality printing: semi-rotary offset offers a higher print quality than other systems, with greater precision and detail in the reproduction of images and text.
  • Higher production speed: the semi-rotary process allows a higher production speed compared to flexo, for example, which optimises production times and makes them more efficient.
  • Flexibility: semi-rotary offset is capable of printing on a wide range of substrates, from thinner papers to plastic films and synthetic materials.
  • Cost savings: semi-rotary offset is more cost-effective compared to other systems for longer print runs, as it requires fewer plate changes and less material waste.
  • Inline printing: The semi-rotary process can be integrated into larger production lines, enabling inline printing of labels and other materials. This increases efficiency and reduces downtime.

The Semi-rotary Offset Multiprint ZTJ-330/520 is a high-tech label printing machine. The Zonten offset printing machine is manufactured with the latest technological innovations on the market. In addition, it has a robust and durable design. It’s easy to operate because it registers data from the mobile desk, through its touch screen.

The press offers the possibility of combined printing with UV and UV LED ink, flexo, screen, cold foil and hot foil, automatic pre-registration system with tension control, 340mm width, mobile desk with guides, flexibility for the operator, independent servo-driven offset units and very fast semi-automatic plate change.

It also has multiple customisation options, allowing great flexibility in designing the perfect machine to suit different production needs and demands.

The machine ensures high quality printing and productivity. The ZTJ series is perfect for a wide range of label printing applications, including food and beverage labels, pharmaceutical labels and industrial labels.

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