New website, new image, new challenges: Start experiencing the future of printing

Zonten futuro impresion 02 multiprint

At Zonten Europe we have started the second quarter of the year with great news to present.

The 2021 and first quarter of 2022 has ended with more equipment installed and more machines running. We currently have 30 Semi Rotary Offset installations and many other machines at more than 50 customers in Europe and LATAM.

Despite the difficulties and challenges caused by the covid situation and the impossibility of moving normally over the last two years, we have been able to consolidate our strategy and grow. This situation has allowed us to take a step forward with Zonten Europe, setting up a new scenario where we are launching a new brand identity that will give rise to great innovations that we will be presenting throughout the year.

In a self-analysis, we thought it was a good time to make Zonten Europe SLU evolve after four years of satisfactory effort and knowing that we have high technology, a technical team that meets the demands of the market and successful installations these last few years. That’s why we propose the slogan “Start experiencing the future of printing”. 

A concept that defines us as a brand today, a window to the future of the industry that you can start to experience with us through our technology, values and services.

With this tagline we move to a new paradigm, to a world that is no longer like the one we have known until now, but with great opportunities to be discovered. It’s also rationality in investments and technologies, process control, automation, quality, commitment… effectiveness.

Zonten futuro impresion 01

We have accompanied this new concept with two important new features, a fresh and renewed brand image, in line with what we want to transmit, and with a new design of our leading machine, our Semi-rotary Offset Multiprint ZTJ, which in 2022 is presented with a more robust, modern image and with finishes based on the most outstanding usability features of the European market.

Zonten nueva multiprint

A 2022 focused on automation and process optimisation:

In our view, process automation and optimisation is the key to achieving higher quality, faster production in shorter runs and at a lower cost.  The Multiprint 330 semi-rotary offset press is designed to achieve all these aspects and makes it possible. We attach great importance to automation and, above all, process optimisation. For example, we always emphasise fast job changeovers with the Multiprint ZTJ 330.

Finally, we would like to thank all our customers for the trust they have placed in us over the last 4 years.