Zonten Open House 2018: The Zonten demo room opens its doors to the public

On 28, 29 and 30 November 2018 we invite you to the Zonten Europe Open House. We open our Zonten Demo Room for you to test our label printing equipment before you buy.

We are confident that we can offer you high quality, technologically advanced label printing machinery from our R&D department. In addition, we are a partner with extensive experience in offset printing that can offer you a high level of technical service.

We are convinced that showing all our expertise and the possibilities of our teams live is undoubtedly the best way to reach our customers. That is why we are preparing our Zonten Open House in Barcelona. At this event, we will be at your service and offer you demonstrations of what the Zonten Labeling Machines are capable of doing for your business.

Experience the printing power of Zonten with the MULTIPRINT-ZTJ 330/520

The MULTIPRINT-ZTJ 300/520 is a semi-rotary offset machine with the possibility of printing combined with UV ink, flexography, screen printing, cold foil, and hot foil, automatic pre-registration system with tension control, width 330/520mm, manual desk, flexibility for the operator, independent offset bodies by servo motor, very fast semi-automatic plate change.

Because of its automation, pre-registration and patented technology, the Zonten Multiprint ZTJ 330/520 is a favourite with our customers, who value its robust design and durability. The machine is easy to operate: It registers data from the desk directly to the mobile phone, thanks to its touch screen. It also has a printing unit that uses an advanced inking system and a water-alcohol dampening system to guarantee the quality of the print, along with a multitude of personalisation possibilities to achieve the best results according to the needs of each client and work requirements.

During the Open House 2018, we will perform a live demonstration of Zonten Europe’s flagship machine in our brand new Zonten Demo Room.