Etiquetes Anoia expands its production plant with a Multiprint ZTJ

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En la foto: Basili Solà

Etiquetes Anoia, located in Igualada (Barcelona) and with years of experience in the label and packaging sector in different technologies, has been working with Zonten for the last year: The company has expanded its production plant with a Multiprint ZTJ semi-rotary offset press.

We have talked with Basili and Ramon Solà, founders of the company, to know more about their experience with Zonten Europe:

About the company:

  1. What is the current situation of Etiquetes Anoia?

We are currently in a moment of growth, and we have been experiencing this growth steadily over the years. This has been possible thanks to being able to work with different sectors such as alimentary, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, all of them essential sectors that have not been interrupted during the pandemic period, so in this sense, we have had the opportunity to continue growing and incorporating new technologies.

About the machine:

  1. What production needs led you to decide to incorporate a Multiprint ZTJ?

We had been wanting to incorporate offset equipment in our production plant for some time. Mainly because of the quality that can be achieved with this technology, as well as being able to open up the range of base paper to work with in comparison with flexography, which in this sense limits us a little bit more.

On the other hand, the need to be able to cover medium-short runs of around 1,500 linear metres.

Also, in terms of pre-printing, offset equipment is faster and more agile, as we have the possibility of doing the ctps in-house, the pre-printing costs with equipment of these characteristics means greater profitability for us.

In short, we were looking for something with which we could cover printing costs, quality and range of paper support to work with.

  1. What aspects of the equipment would you highlight once you are up and running with it?

Once the machine has been adjusted and the installation and training process has been completed, it works very well, and we can work in double runs of up to 300, which is always more complicated with flexo.

The company opted for this technology and a specialised technician from offseT, Josep, was able to adapt to the equipment and train Steven, the current shift operator, a member of the team who didn’t come from the label industry and who in 3 months has been able to adapt perfectly to the machine.

We know that a machine like this is a machine to work with for many years, an aspect that can be more complicated with a digital machine, for example.

We would like to highlight its usability in all aspects.

  1. Has the new machine satisfied all expectations?

Yes, we are happy with the equipment.

  1. Why did you decide to choose Zonten Europe?

For the technical service and the confidence that comes from working with Zonten Europe and its agent in Spain.


We are especially grateful to Etiquetes Anoia for the trust placed in ZONTEN EUROPE / ZZE and in our machines.

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