All the benefits of printing with our Semi-Rotary Offset Multiprint ZTJ machine

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At Zonten Europe SLU we focus on offering printing solutions that allow you to realize your full potential and that respond to your production needs of now and tomorrow. 

We offer machinery of our own manufacture and provide our background in the sector through expert advice in order to help you take the best decisions.

Our Semi-rotary Offset Multiprint ZTJ 330/520 is a high-tech label printer.

With its automation system, pre-registration and patented technology, the Zonten Multiprint ZTJ 330/520 is the favorite of our customers, who value its robust design and durability. The machine stands out for being easy to operate.

It has a printing unit that uses an advanced inking system and a water-alcohol dampening system to guarantee print quality, along with a multitude of customization possibilities to achieve the best results according to the needs of each customer and work requirements.

If you want to know more about the machine, you can read the following article.

All the benefits of printing with our Semi-Rotary Offset Multiprint ZTJ machine:

High quality labels

Offset is the ideal printing system to achieve the highest quality jobs, providing maximum detail, better color adjustment and smooth gradation.

This system is the most cost-effective, since it provides higher quality labels, is faster than any digital printing technology in most short-run orders and is much more economical.

Another great advantage is that with the Multiprint ZTJ we can have an in-line configuration to obtain the finished label.

Both in terms of detail and color adjustment, on our current semi-rotary offset presses, registration is perfect and the ability to easily save the profiles of each job allows for quick and easy job repeatability.


Semi-rotary offset has positioned itself in recent years as one of the most cost-effective and productive printing systems on the market compared to other systems.

  • The initial investment is half compared to electrographic systems for example, so the hourly cost of the machine also translates into more economy.
  • The amortization of a semi-rotary offset press is higher and the durability of the press in production exceeds or multiplies other printing systems, especially the alternatives known as digital.
  • The normal working speed is higher in Offset than in the digital alternatives.
  • Semi-rotary offset does not require high periodic maintenance and is not supported from the factory.
  • The cost of offset plates is very low and guarantees absolute reliability with very fast changeovers.
  • In the job costing, the cost per ink consumption in offset printing is minimal compared to the cost per click. Compared to the price of inks in other digital printing systems, the cost in terms of performance is multiplied by twenty or more.
  • In a semi-rotary offset press such as the Multiprint ZTJ and with all its automatisms, the level of waste in the setting of stored jobs is very low, between 40 and 50 meters.
  • The changeover time can be less than 10 minutes.
  • The downtime for maintenance or calibration in a semi-rotary offset is practically 0.
  • It is not necessary to die-cut off-line. If we focus on short runs, off-line die-cutting involves handling the material in a converting area where often the final product is not made, but it is necessary to pass the die-cut coil through the slitter.


Offset printing systems, such as our semi-rotary Multiprint ZTJ equipment, have a series of automatisms that make this technology one of the most powerful bets in the market today.

Some of the automatisms and improvements that we can highlight are:

  • Possibility to perform and finish all jobs online, creating customized configurations.
  • Very intuitive machine design with focus on operator usability. Its design allows easy handling for the operator, focusing on the key aspects of Industry 4.0 and lean production plants.
  • Automatic inkwells with CIP3: The inkwells are controlled from the machine’s digital panel and can be saved for later reproduction.
  • Automatic cleaning of the roller coils: In a few minutes a color change can be made without operator effort.
  • Automatic pre-registration of series and automatic registration, recommended when we want to work with plastic materials.
  • Refrigerated rollers to keep the inks at a constant temperature regardless of the environment.
  • Cleaning of the plate with the material stopped, which saves many meters of material.
  • Today’s simple offset prepress and CTP allow production to start within 15 minutes of receiving the file.

Sustainability in LED UV drying systems

Zonten Multiprint semi-rotary offset presses are equipped with UV Led drying, contributing to the sustainable transition of the market, as well as taking advantage of other multiple benefits:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Longer service life
  • No ozone generation
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • The material doesn’t suffer from overheating

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Actually, investing in a semi-rotary offset equipment is an investment for the future and from Zonten Europe we want to accompany this investment with attention and specialized technical service that can be trusted over the years.

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