Juliagraf incorporates a Multiprint ZTJ 330 into its production line

Juliagraf is a pioneer in the manufacturing of self-adhesive products in Northern Italy. With more than 40 years of experience operating in the sector, and with more than 4,000 clients in Italy and abroad, they have recently acquired a Multiprint ZTJ 330 that will allow the company to continue to grow and increase their production.

The company is in a constant process of growth, and after celebrating 40 years in the graphic arts sector, they are committed to this expansion process by investing in high-quality printing machines.

The Zonten Multiprint ZTJ-330 is a semi-rotary offset solution manufactured with the latest technological innovations in the market. It has the possibility of printing in combination with UV ink, flexography, screen printing, cold foil and hot foil. It has an automatic pre-registration system with tension control, a width of 330mm, a manual desk that allows easy operation, independent offset bodies by servo motor and semi-automatic plate change, that allows reducing change times.

Sandro Colussi, the company’s general manager, notes that the acquired equipment has

fulfilled all expectations and has contributed positively to the growth of the company. Damiano, head of production of the new equipment, highlights the great service received by Zonten Europe, with a channel of direct communication to be able to attend to all the doubts and requirements of Juliagraf regarding the new Multiprint ZTJ 330.



Damiano, head of production of the Zonten Multiprint ZTJ 330 

The company, which works with all types of printing technology, incorporates the new Zonten Multiprint ZTJ 330 within its large and competitive product line to offer the best results in Offset.