Proyecto integral de zonten en label intro

Zonten’s integral project at Label Intro

Label Intro (Barcelona) is a company specialized in the manufacture, printing and sales of all types of self-adhesive labels. With 22 years of experience in the industry, they have recently trusted in the Zonten brand to acquire 3 new Zonten machines: A Multiprint ZTJ 330/520 semi-rotary offset equipped with second pass system, a flexo unit, 5 offset units with UV Led Lrandae, another flexo unit with delam-relam, a semi-rotary die cut unit and a non-stop buffer. A Mouse MQ-320 die-cut machine and a SW-320 silkscreen printing equipment.


We spoke with Javier Perez and Ildefonso Perez, production managers and partners of Label Intro to ask them about their experience with Zonten sometime after the installation of the 3 machines:


 How did you find out about Zonten’s printing solutions?

We got to know Zonten Europe and its solutions thanks to their agent in Spain, Maquinaria Esagraf SLU, with whom we have had a relation for several years. 

What production needs led you to acquire 3 Zonten machines?

We wanted to open new markets and differentiate ourselves. We saw that most companies like ours were incorporating digital machines and we were looking for something that helped us open new possibilities and allowed us to reach new markets with a differentiating element.

Do you consider that the experience in terms of service, training and support has been good?

The experience has been excellent, we had no knowledge in offset technology and the Zonten team has been able to train us in an efficient way allowing us to start producing independently in a short time, knowing we always had their support if needed. 

About the Zonten Multiprint ZTJ 330:

Is this the first time you have worked with offset-semi-rotary?

Yes, we have never worked with this technology before.

What would you highlight about the Multiprint ZTJ?

We would highlight the speed with which we get the jobs up and running on the press, and the cost per short run compared to other technologies. We have run jobs either using all or just some units of the press and we are very satisfied with the results and the start-up times. 

About the MQ-320 Mouse die cutter: 

What aspect of this machine do you highlight?

With this compact machine we can die-cut, hot foil stamp, laminate and emboss. The machine gives us a lot of security when we work with it.             For us it is a practical and fast machine.

We would like to point out that we have been able to produce some very complex embossing jobs with a lot of reliability. 

About the SW-320 silkscreen:

What would you highlight about this machine?

It is a 1-colour silkscreen printing machine, it complies with all expectations, we are very happy with it. It is easy to use and the results are excellent. 

Sometime after the installation of the three machines, do you think the machines have lived up to expectations?

Yes, for sure.

Do you think the new machines have added value to your production plant?

Yes, in addition to the services we have been offering up to now, we can also offer any type of label with offset quality and finish, which adds a lot of value to our company.

Finally, would you trust in the Zonten brand again?

Yes, definitely.



Zonten would like to specialy thank Label Intro for the trust placed in our equipment. We would like to highlight their great work and expertise in the printing sector and we strongly hope to be able to continue to support them for a long time to come.