Zonten, the world’s leading manufacturer of semi-rotary offset presses, launches new facilities

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Zonten culminates before the end of the year one of the most important projects and advances so far, the implementation and start of production of the new factory in Zhejiang, China, a space with more than 30,000 metres to respond to the growing market demand.

The plant is located in the new district of Jiangan and is part of one of the most important industrial redevelopment projects in the area, forming part of an industrial park specialising in new technologies, advanced production, automation and R&D centres.

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The project is divided into four phases and involves a total renovation of the city of Tangxia. Currently, the first and third phases have been completed. Zonten will start moving and installing in the new plant in October.

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Zonten takes a step forward in its growth and focuses on the constant improvement of its product. The new factory will implement all the improvements, new designs, advances and R&D solutions developed at the Barcelona headquarters.

Zonten Europe SLU has established itself as the brand in Europe and Latin America for the development, technical service and sales of Zonten machines, printing solutions for the graphic arts industry.

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